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BYT High Wycombe We are one of the U.K’s top private tuition agencies. At Bright Young Things we pride ourselves on working with superb, inspiring tutors; highly qualified, academically driven individuals, who motivate, inspire and help their students succeed.


BYT High Wycombe

Our OFSTED registered tuition centres in Harrow, High Wycombe and St Albans teach Maths and English for ages 5 to 16 and specialise in embedding key numerical and literacy skills across key stages 1-4. We also offer 11 Plus courses. Where some more prescriptive teaching methods threaten to ‘educate out’ natural curiosity in students, we encourage inquisitive minds to help our students go beyond their textbooks and apply their understanding to the outside world.


BYT High Wycombe We have a dedicated online learning platform to support students and teachers preparing for the 11 plus. With an extensive range of English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning practice tests, BYT Online is an excellent way to help take the pressure off the 11 plus for parents and students alike.


BYT High Wycombe

Both my children thoroughly enjoy their tutoring experience with BYT. Attending has increased the confidence of both children in Maths and English which is now reflected in their school work. They see tutoring as a 'treat' now

Catherine, Mum to a 7 and 11 year old, High Wycombe

My daughter got into all her schools. In the end we're going for St Paul's. You were absolutely brilliant. Thank you, Bright Young Things.

Jasmine, Mother to an 11+ student, Notting Hill, London

We were incredibly lucky to find such an amazing tutor through Bright Young Things. My daughter immediately took to her and for the first time in her life was no longer 'scared' of maths.

Mrs Allen, Mother to a 7+ Maths student, Harrow

Bright Young Things has taken a lot of pressure off my daughter and myself in preparing for 11+

Mr Moore, St Albans

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