The 11-Plus

At BYT we're passionate about helping every child fulfil their potential. Our 11 Plus and Entrance Exam courses are shaped by our decade long experience in getting children through examinations

What is the 11 plus?

The 11 Plus (also called the 11+ or Eleven Plus) is an examination taken by some school pupils in their last year of primary school to obtain a place at a grammar school of their choice. In reality most children will only be 10 years old when they take the test – the term “11 Plus” refers to the fact that the test selects for schools with an entry point for children aged 11 or over.

The BYT Approach

Since our beginnings in 2006 we’ve utilised our decade long experience to create an 11 Plus tuition offering that is entirely honed to meet the needs of your child as an individual. From CEM, ISEB, GL, Bond, North London Consortium or school specific entrance papers our courses, tuition and unique materials are designed to offer a full preparation for the exam. We’re keen to take pressure off and put the honus on bringing out the best in each student.

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The 11 Plus: Our Promise

We’ll work with your child to build full competency, fluency and initiative in core Maths and English skills.

We’ll ensure all bases are covered with exam technique working under timed conditions.

We’ll build key Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning skills.

We’ll help your child grow real confidence and self belief.

11 Plus Courses in BYT Tuition Centres

We run 11+ courses in our centres and recommend booking in a minimum of 12 months before the exam. We work on a ratio of one tutor to every four students to ensure a truly individualised offering. Working on pen and paper, through our fit for purpose learning materials with experienced tutors, we’ll ensure that your child goes into their exam feeling confident, energised and able to achieve their full potential. Our courses cover:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Composition
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation, Grammar & Spelling
  • Mathematics - all topics on the National Curriculum
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

Locations & Contact

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