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11 Plus Mock Exams


Happening every week throughout August. Find out more below

Our 11 plus mocks are running throughout the year in our tuition centres.

  • In-depth preparation for CEM (Durham), GL Assessments, ISEB, Kent, Independent Schools Consortium and other leading assessment providers.

  • Open to and recommended for students starting year 6 in Sept 2017 or 2018.

  • 11 plus papers sat in exam conditions giving students a chance to experience the exam and ease nerves.

  • BYT has over 10 years collective experience in helping students achieve places at competitive top U.K independent and grammar schools.

  • Subjects: English (Comprehension) & Verbal Reasoning (VR), Mathematics & Numerical Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR).

  • Receive feedback on how your child’s results compare to results from students locally and around the UK.

We offer an exceptional service with top quality papers, environment and supervision as well as detailed parent feedback and exam reports.

All about BYT 11+ Mock Assessments:

These Mock assessments are developed directly in line with the precise requirements of the 11 plus and test children in all four disciplines of the CEM, GL and ISEB 11+ Test (Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning). The 11 plus Mock Assessments take approximately three hours, with 50 minutes of Maths, 45 minutes of English, where pupils receive a written or multiple choice comprehension (depending on their provider i.e. CEM or ISEB), as well as a multiple choice spelling, punctuation and grammar section. There will then be two 45 minute Reasoning tests in both verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

These 11+ Mocks allow an accurate forecast in regards to the relative progress a child needs to achieve in order to secure an 11 plus pass at the end of the academic year. Importantly, gaps in knowledge can be cited and amended accordingly in the months ahead. Similarly, confidence can be bolstered through clear recognition of a satisfactory performance within specific areas.

These Mock exams are carried out under proper test conditions, offering children a genuine taster for the real 11 plus exam that they will sit later in September. This has proved an immensely useful experience for all different types of pupil; whatever end of the ability scale they find themselves. As many have never sat such a test before, this ensures a child is thoroughly well prepared for the novel experience of the 11 plus exam that lies ahead.

Through these assessments, we encourage children to simply try their best and assure them that it is always fine to make a mistake. In fact, we always affirm the principle that if you are not making mistakes then you are not learning!

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