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Malachy Guinness


Malachy graduated from Christ Church, Oxford with a degree in Biological Sciences before co-founding Bright Young Things. Having had an excellent tutor as a child who introduced him to new ideas and exciting potentials, Malachy understands the real benefits of having a good tutor. Malachy continues to have a hands-on approach to running the business and is always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver bespoke tuition to our international client-base. Malachy is currently focussed on developing online and mobile tuition applications with a number of technology partners.

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Woody Webster


Edward, or ‘Woody’ to his friends, met Malachy as a teenager and stayed good friends.

Edward initially completed a geography degree at Edinburgh University. While studying for a Masters in Education, Edward developed a keen following of tutees and parents who valued his approach to teaching.

With a strong interest in education and an enthusiastic approach to learning, Edward and Malachy teamed up. Armed with a burgeoning reputation for effective empathetic tutoring and an address-book full of the brightest and highly engaging teachers and tutors, Malachy and Edward set out to create a new tutoring firm. Bright Young Things was born. The agency soon attracted a huge following, starting with friends and family and then proliferating through word of mouth. Bright Young Things was a new and innovative offering in the education industry, engaging exceptional tutors with parents keen to encourage their children’s academic progress.

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Sofia Carlson

Director of BYT St Albans

Sofia Carlson-Haynes grew up in Finland but moved to London to study for her undergraduate degree.

She attended City University and graduated with a first class degree in Sociology with Psychology.

Wanting to pursue her passion for gender equality she then went on to study for an MA in Gender, Society and Representation at UCL, graduating in 2011. From that point she started working in the education sector, managing tutor placements and home schooling arrangements in London and overseas for the Bright Young Things head office before opening her centre in St Albans a few years later.

Sofia is passionate about providing an individually tailored and focused learning experience for students attending Bright Young Things St Albans. She employs a fantastic team of tutors and managers who together work hard to ensure every child gets the best possible tutoring experience and reaches their potential.

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Constance Watson

Managing Director

Constance is responsible for managing the agency’s performance. She leads the London team and oversees the day-to-day operations of Bright Young Things Tuition. Constance works closely with our families to ensure that parents and children are happy and that each placement is a success. She also supervises all tutor recruitment, partnerships and business growth. With a calm and friendly manner and excellent organisational skills, she has quickly established a good relationship with parents, students and tutors and helps us constantly deliver a high level of care to all of our clients.

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Dee Francken

Educational Consultant

Every parent wants a high level of support and impartial advice, whether their child is at the pre-school stage or thinking about university entrance. Whilst navigating the system can be a challenge, Dee is here to coach families and ease the way. As an experienced Education Consultant who has dealt with pupils across the age range, Dee offers a bespoke service for parents who require expert assessments, advice about school selection, re-location, choosing a tutor, interview practice, education at GCSE level and in the Sixth Form. Most of all, Dee offers common-sense advice, keeping in mind, that in terms of your child’s education, no matter is too small.

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Donald Bennet

Educational Consultant

Educational Consultant and Super Tutor Donald Bennet has worked intensively in London and internationally as a private tutor following a maths degree at Clare College Cambridge (2007). He has taught students in 10 countries with ages ranging from 7 to 74 and worked for various royal families. His focus is constantly to meet every client’s specific needs which may range from simply a confidence boost to maximum success in exams and interviews. These aims are met by tackling confidence, skills and knowledge issues in a wide variety of methods that Donald tailors to individual students. This personalisation of the service is something that Donald particularly loves. Donald specialises in 11+, A-Level and Oxbridge entrance though enjoys tutoring GCSE and university courses. Donald always shares his passion for maths problem solving with students and invariably finds students warm to the subject rapidly, even those who initially claim they ‘are hopeless at maths’. Donald has been highly sought world-wide since being listed as a 2011 ‘supertutor’ in The Independent. He works solely with Bright Young Things, enjoying collaborations on their highly focussed delivery of the best possible educational support to students throughout the world.

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