Love to Learn

At Bright Young Things we believe that every child should love their education pathway. We consistently endeavor to develop students into enthusiastic, engaging and confident learners.

Ensure your child meets their full potential

We offer a full range of educational support and services between London homes, our high street education centres and providentially further afield. Our expertly designed programmes alongside our tutor selection and training means we are the UK educational leaders who consistently ensure your child reaches their individual goals.We believe all lessons should leave children engaged, confident and motivated.

If you are looking for educational specialists who can provide exceptional support to ensure your child meets their full potential, get in touch.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest possible service to our families.

We believe in an individualised, tailored education experience for all our students.

We work with our families to go beyond their expectations and respond effectively to any feedback we receive.

We invest time in making sure the student is matched with a tutor that suits their individual requirements.

We understand that emotions and feelings are key to successful learning.

We believe every student has the right to access an engaging, positive environment.

Our Team

  • Malachy Guinness

    Founder & Director Read Bio
  • Woody Webster

    Founder & Director Read Bio
  • Sofia Carlson

    Director, Bright Young Things St Albans Read Bio
  • Elizabeth Mills

    Managing Director Read Bio
  • Stephanie Richardson

    Director of Operations Read Bio

Why choose us to tutor your child?

  • 94% of BYT GCSE students improved by at least one grade
  • 80% of BYT A-level students improved by at least one grade, with 13% improving by three grades
  • 60% of BYT GCSE students achieved a L9 or a L8 in their GCSEs
  • 53% of BYT A-level students achieved an A* or an A, over twice the national average of 26.4%
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