Alternative Provision for Pupils 

We offer excellent educational support to students who require an alternative provision to mainstream education.
We are specialists at ensuring every student enjoys an educational pathway that is adapted to their individual requirements.

For GCSE & A Level exams access arrangements, we work alongside the Exam House for access arrangements.


Tutor teaching a lesson in centre

Bright Young Things provides councils, schools and parents the opportunity for an alternative provision in which pupils can attend our OFSTED registered centres.  This enables pupils to continue their educational pathway in a suitable and sympathetic environment.

The pupils who benefit from the alternative provision in our BYT centres vary in age and the ability. The flexibility means pupils can have a timetable of quality education which fits their needs.

Examples of pupils who have benefited from the alternative provision include:

  • Pupils who have suffered bullying in their original school
  • Pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion
  • Special educational needs
  • Pupils who suffer from anxiety and stress disorders
  • Pupils who has missed out on a place at school for various reasons

Furthermore, BYT is a registered exam centre (52330) allowing pupils to take GCSE and A Level exams outside of school.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss both pupil referral units and alternative provision for pupils

While  we work along side and deliver our Alternative Provision Online  through the AP Academy.