Biology Revision Courses

GCSE and A Level Biology Revision Courses

A level Biology Revision Course:

A level biology is one of the 3 core science A levels. Supporting applications to Medicine and veterinary undergraduate courses especially.

Our world class tutors use discussion, debate and past papers to make sure the challenging theoretical parts of the Biology A level subject matter is both understood and well learnt. Going along side excellent exam technique focus and along with variations of the nuances of the different exam boards.

These are some of the topics typically covered:

Year 1 A Level Course (also suitable for AS students)

  • Cells and Molecules (e.g. proteins, mitosis, enzymes, membranes)
  • Disease (e.g. viruses, heart disease)
  • Human Systems (e.g. blood circulation, respiratory system)
  • Plant Biology (e.g. phloem detail, plant transport)
  • Evolution, DNA and Ecosystems (e.g. biodiversity, selection and evolution)

Year 2 A Level Course (also covers the Year 1 A Level topics above)

  • Cells and Molecules (e.g. mutation, stem cells)
  • Disease (e.g. cancer, antibiotics, bacterial growth)
  • Human systems (e.g. hormones, nervous system)
  • Plant biology (e.g. ecosystems, phytochromes)
  • Evolution, DNA and Ecosystems (e.g. ecosystems, genetic engineering)
  • Energy (e.g. respiration, photosynthesis)

GCSE Biology Revision courses:

Biology GCSE is fundamental in preparing the ground for the A level understanding. Again using our world class tutors, with discussion and debate along with past paper review. Especially focussing on the harder part of the GCSE Biology principles.

GCSE biology revision courses typically cover these areas:

  • Cells
  • Processes
  • Tissues
  • Organs and organ systems
  • Ecosystems
  • Biotechnology
  • Social issues

Please have a look at our revision courses page for times and dates of the courses.

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