11+ examinations to change significantly in September 2023

Traditionally, most British grammar schools have used one of two examination boards for their 11+ entrance exams; either Granada Learning (GL) Assessment or Cambridge University Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM). It was announced by CEM last year that they would be withdrawing paper assessments and moving to a digital only format.

After this announcement, many boroughs have released statements to say that they would be transitioning to GL assessments, or another provider, for the September 2023 examination period. CEM have previously described their assessments are ‘tutor proof’, but this has often been discredited.

The school my child is applying for has always used CEM for entrance exams. What should I do?

We would advise anyone whose child is preparing for the 11+ examinations to check directly with their desired school which examination board will be used. It would be best to check on the school’s website, or to contact he admissions team. It is highly likely that other sources online may now be outdated.