11+ Interview Day (Part 3)

Part 3: Irfan, one of our Harrow tutors, shares some useful tips on how to tackle the 11+ interview day;

Some schools might require you to come in for an interview after the exam. As a tutor, I’m often asked how students can best ‘prepare’ for interviews.

⭐Whilst there are a few things you ought to practice, the most important thing is to be yourself in the interview. Schools can easily see through students who mechanically repeat what they’ve been told by their parents or tutors, so don’t do it!

You’ll normally have two interviews: one individual and one group interview.

⭐During the individual interview, it is likely that you’ll be required to talk about your interests and how you can contribute to the school. There’s no ‘correct’ answer here – schools pride themselves on diversity and want students who are passionate about different things. Therefore, talk about what you’re genuinely interested in. 

⭐Take your time when answering questions.

⭐Finally, make sure you’ve read a book outside the classroom and you are prepared to talk about it. For more suggestions about good books to read, ask at your nearest BYT centre. Our tutors are happy to give advice and are enthusiastic readers themselves.

⭐During the group interview, it’s important to speak up. Schools like students who’ll contribute in the classroom so don’t be afraid to express your opinion (even if it might be wrong). However, don’t try to take over the conversation. Group interviews are all about being able to work with other people in a classroom setting.

⭐Again, try to enjoy the interview! You’ve got over the hard part by getting there and you should be confident that you will do well.

If you are worried about the 11+ interviews and would like some support and/ or practice with them, please call or email our Private Tuition Agency or one of our Centres – we are happy to answer any questions you may have!