11+ Preparation for Success | September 2017 | BYT High Wycombe

With the exam approaching, Max Tovey tells us how he and everyone at BYT High Wycombe are helping parents and children prepare.

11+ Progress Reports at BYT High Wycombe

11+ Progress Reports at BYT High Wycombe

As the 11+ is fast approaching, it can often be an anxious time for parents and students alike. At BYT High Wycombe, we understand that parents can feel the pressure just as much as students.

Parents may often feel left in the dark in regards to their child’s progress. A tutor can discuss the various topics and give a rough idea of progress but often the material can appear confusing to those who aren’t familiar with it.

Enter the new BYT monthly report. We record all students’ marks from all their completed work(from revision booklets to mocks) and provide a report which includes peer to peer comparison and class average, so you have a crystal clear idea of what level the student is working at.

Furthermore, we can isolate key areas where students are struggling. These can be targeted to help improve marks and further prepare them for the challenge of the 11+ exam.

Our first round of reports received a positive appraisal from parents. At that stage, students were still learning the last few reasoning topics needed to have covered the entire 11+ curriculum. Our second round is due to go out in mid-June and we are extremely pleased to see that the average scores for comprehension, numerical attainment, verbal and non-verbal reasoning have steadily increased from week to week.

Armed with this knowledge, we hope parents can feel less pressure knowing that their children are making steady progress towards passing their 11+ exam.

Max Tovey is the Assistant Centre Director at BYT High Wycombe

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