5 top tips for applying to University!


5 top tips for applying to University!

Applying for University is an exciting but also daunting challenge. You might be in your final year at school or maybe you are applying later in life. Whatever your stage of life, there are lots of things to consider and the possibilities can sometimes seem endless. It’s important to remember that there are people to help you who have been through the experience themselves! Here at Bright Young Things we have years of extensive experience helping and supporting people through the application process and have continued to support people throughout their time at University too. In this blog we share with you our 5 top tips for applying to University!

First up is:

#1 Select the best course for you

For some people selecting their subject will be the easiest part of the journey. For example, if from an early age you have known you want to start your own business then a degree in Business Management may be your obvious choice! However, others may not have a clear career path yet and therefore finding the best subject might take a little longer. We would suggest looking at potential careers you are interested in and finding out what degrees could lead you there. We also suggest reflecting on which subjects you loved at GCSE and A Level, joint honours degrees are a brilliant way of keeping your options open and having access to two departments. Remember, you are the person who has to do this course and so choose something you are going to enjoy!

#2 Make the most of your 5 choices

For the majority of degrees you are able to select up to 5 choices. It’s always worth making the most of these 5 choices – you may have your heart set on one University but 6 months down the line you may have changed your mind and you will be glad of having those 5 options there. Once you have discovered what subject or subjects you are interested in then you’ll need to find Universities that do these subjects. There are a huge variety of Universities to choose from in the UK. We recommend you make a list of all the Universities that offer your subject as a degree, then make a list of what you would like out of your University experience. Perhaps you want to be in a city or perhaps you would prefer a campus University in the countryside. Once you have narrowed these lists down and cross matched them then make the most of University Open Days. These are a brilliant way to look around the campus and local area, often you will feel which is right for you. After all of this you can select your top 5 on UCAS.

#3 Know your deadlines

For the majority of courses the deadline to apply for 2022 entry is 26th January 2022 at 6pm. However, for some Universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, the deadline to apply is 15th October 2021 at 6pm. Check out the UCAS website for more specific information about the courses you are hoping to apply for.

#4 Write a brilliant Personal Statement

The key to a brilliant personal statement is that your writing is original and that your passion and experience in your subject comes through. Here are some top tips for writing your personal statement:

  1. Start early РUCAS recommends you begin your personal statement a month before it is due but we recommend starting as early as possible.
  2. Don’t overthink the opening line
  3. Get to the point quickly
  4. Get your enthusiasm for the course across from the start
  5. Avoid cliched statements such as ‘From a young ago..’

There is a lot of information online about writing a personal statement – the UCAS website is the best place to start.

#5 Don’t leave things to the last minute

Following on from our top tip number 3, our top tip number 5 is don’t leave things to the last minute. There’s nothing more stressful than leaving things to the last minute and then inevitably having to rush. When we rush we are more likely to make mistakes. The UCAS application form is long and so start early. Even if you are not yet able to complete every aspect of it, perhaps fill in your GCSE’ results or other personal details you have easily available to you and then later come back to add your personal statement.

We hope you found these 5 top tips for applying to University useful. We love to help students achieve their goals – if you are applying to University or considering your options for next year then we’d love to hear from you.