Six benefits of tutoring over the summer!

six benefits of tutoring over the summer

What are the benefits of tutoring over the summer?

Check out our six top benefits of tutoring through the summer!

With the summer holidays  fast approaching it is the perfect time for students to catch up on their learning and get a head start for the next academic year. Here are six reasons why summer is the perfect time for tutoring;

1. Avoid summer learning loss.

The brain is a muscle and just like any other muscle in our body it needs to be continuously trained! If a weight trainer, for example, were to take 6 weeks away from training they would likely see a significant decline in their performance. Similarly, if a child takes the same length of time away from using and training their brain it is likely they will not perform as well upon returning to school in September. This is referred to as the ‘summer slide’ and is a common occurrence in the educational world. Whilst it is important for children to take a break and enjoy themselves, the summer holidays are also a perfect opportunity for students to keep their brain active.

Bright Young Things’ summer school provides students with the perfect balance between curriculum based activities and fun, enriching activities, helping students continue to utilise their minds and keep the cogs turning!

2. Consolidate learning and fill in any gaps.

During the school years students are taught in classes of up to 30 and are expected to progress at the same rate as their classmates. If one child struggles to understand a certain concept (for example, division) they may be pushed on to the next topic (e.g. fractions) before they are ready, as their lesson will progress regardless. Consequently, learning gaps begin to form and the next topic may confuse them further. During the academic year there is a difficult balance to maintain between covering the entirety of the curriculum as well as revisiting and consolidating previous topics. However, during the summer holidays tutors are able to find, cover and consolidate these gaps in knowledge and continue to go over concepts students may find more challenging. 

3. Learn important life skills.

Summer is the perfect opportunity for children to practice those all important life skills such as, self motivation, organisation, time management, communication and goal setting. A tutor can help your child further develop these skills and put them into practice which will in turn help your child have more control of their studies and schedules, preparing them for exam season and their future careers. Furthermore, attending regular weekly sessions throughout the summer allows for some semblance of routine to be maintained. 

4. Keep your child in the learning mindset.

At school children are expected to be ready to learn everyday and it is easy for this mindset to fall by the wayside over the summer. However, losing this learning mindset completely may make the transition back to school after the holidays a difficult one for students. By continuing to attend regular tutoring sessions or summer school activities, children can maintain some semblance of a learning routine, making the return to full time learning that much smoother. 

5. Learn something new.

For the most part children will be free from schoolwork throughout the summer holidays meaning they have more time to learn about the things that truly interest them. Tutors can work with them on their favourite subjects and even introduce new topics that spark their curiosity without the limitations of a stricter curriculum. This allows children to fall in love with learning and helps to get them ahead in time for the new school year. 

6. Keep summer boredom at bay.

The summer can be a difficult and stressful time for parents to come up with new and interesting activities for their children to do over the holidays, especially working parents. Tutoring can help to keep that boredom at bay with fun, enrichment based activities alongside learning. Bright Young Things offer an excellent summer school to help with just this. Offering full and half days with fun games and activities along with tutoring and sociable lunch breaks, summer boredom will be a thing of the past.

For more information on the many programmes offered at Bright Young Things, including our summer school, contact us on 020 7723 0506 or contact your local centre.