A New Prime Minister, A New Educational Outlook?

I am sure you are all aware that number 10 Downing Street has a new resident, permanent or temporary we are yet to see, however as things stand former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson leads the UK as PM.

Boris Johnson pledged to increase school budgets on his first day in the office as the new prime minister. This came following a blast from head teachers across the UK labeling the situation as a ‘funding crisis’ and tackling such should be a priority.

Promises for Schools?

Mr Johnson stated he plans to increase per pupil funding and during his leadership campaign he further talked of raising the funding threshold to at least £5,000 per pupil. This would add around £50m to the total school’s budget. This increased finance will be supported by reversing previous spending reductions equating to an extra £4.5bn being injected into the education pot.

Despite these promises both the National Education Union and other teachers’ unions stated the gap was widening to £12.6bn, in correspondents to such the cross-party education select committee stated a multi-billion cash injection is required.

The UK government and PM Boris Johnson clearly have some heavy decisions lying ahead, where other sectors as well as the education sector are demanding money to improve the ‘crisis’ we are currently in. Nevertheless, Mr Johnson has stated his government would ensure that wherever a student is in the country they will receive superb education.

Here at Bright Young Things we hold such passion in the education of children throughout all stages of their academic journey. Our mission is to ensure students stay bright. We endeavor to generate students which are able to discover and reach their true potential, enabling their passion and knowledge of key subjects to grow with us and further on in their own personal journeys. Although promises from the PM may or may not be met, our promise to consistently support and improve the education of the children we tutor will always be upheld!

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