A Spotlight on Three Top Grammar Schools in High Wycombe

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Here in High Wycombe spring appears to have truly sprung. We’ve been proud to be forging relationships with local institutions and this week we’d like to turn a spotlight on to three local grammar schools whose teachers, staff, students ethos, and work we really admire.

1. The Royal Grammar School

  • Headteacher: Philip Wayne

  • Pupils: 1370

  • Ofsted rating: Outstanding (2013)

  • Address: Amersham Road, High Wycombe, HP13 6QT

  • Contact number: 01494 524 955

  • Gender: Boys

The Royal Grammar School’s ‘Ethos of Learning’centres of four principals: teamwork, engagement, creativity and responsibility.

  • Teamwork — Students are expected to be a support to one another, embrace diversity and understand others’ views.

  • Engagement — As learners, pupils are expected to observe, apply rigour and exhibit a keen eye for detail.

  • Creativity — Challenging assumptions, making connections and generating new ideas are critical for personal development.

  • Responsibility — Taking responsibility to improve oneself requires preparation, focus and reflection.


Founded in the mid-16th century, the Royal Grammar School was initially established on the site of a hospital for the poor. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the headmasterships of the Reverend John Poulter and his successor, G.J. Peachell, laid the foundations for the modern school we know today: sports matches were organised, external examinations instituted and a new school building was built.

Throughout the 20th century, the Royal Grammar School flourished, attaining a reputation for excellent university entrance results. In 1963 the school reached the milestone of 1000 pupils.


Today the Royal Grammar School is known as one of Buckinghamshire’s most prestigious secondary schools, boasting excellent academia, sport (rugby is traditionally strong) and an extensive range of clubs and societies (the public speaking and debating clubs are especially popular). From a departmental perspective, the Royal Grammar School offers an extensive range of languages, including: Italian, Spanish, French, Latin and German.

2. Wycombe High School

  • Headteacher: Sharon Cromie

  • Pupils: 1300

  • Ofsted rating: Outstanding (2012)

  • Address: Marlow Road, High Wycombe, HP11 1TB

  • Contact number: 01494 523 961

  • Gender: Girls


Wycombe High’s ethos revolves around its motto: Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter— Courageously, Faithfully, Joyfully.

  • Fortier — Pupils are encouraged to speak out against injustice, to take risks and learn through embracing failure.

  • Fideliter — Honesty and integrity are qualities expected of every pupil. Being a good friend, good neighbour and good citizen is the lifeblood of the school.

  • With Joy — Students are expected to be proactive in contributing to the proactive and happy atmosphere of the school.


Established in 1901, Wycombe High School is the town’s only grammar solely for girls. Initially a fee paying school in Frogmoor, the school acquired its status as a Voluntary Controlled school in 1944. In recent decades Wycombe High School has undergone rapid growth, constructing new buildings in 1993 to cater for the school’s merger with Lady Verney High School, resulting in an additional 300 students.


Ofsted rate Wycombe High as ‘outstanding’ across all areas. The school is also particularly proud of its Maths Hub, a core component of the school’s status as a specialist in the subject. Aside from its excellent academic support, pupils also refer glowingly to Wycombe High for its strong non-academic support network, especially pastoral care. There is also a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs ranging from debating to fencing, and students are strongly encouraged to get involved.

3. John Hampden School

  • Headteacher: Tracey Hartley

  • Pupils: 1060

  • Ofsted rating: Outstanding (2008)

  • Address: Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 1SZ

  • Contact number: 01494 529 589

  • Gender: Boys


John Hampden places the “traditional” values of respect, courtesy and honest at the heart of its ethos. Students are encouraged to work together to achieve common and personal aims. The schools encourages students to take an active role in the local community.


John Hampden was initially established as technical school during High Wycombe’s industrial zenith. In the 1890’s, local beneficiaries raised funds to support the town’s traditional industries — notably chair and furniture manufacturing — by establishing the Schools of Science and Art to prepare men for work in these trades. The school went through various incarnations and locations before being named John Hampden in 1970.


Academic performance is impressive, with the school recording strong GCSE and A-Level results. Aside from its strong academic performance, John Hampden is keen to stress the importance of a rounded education, important components being international expeditions, national competitions and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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