A Tutor’s Perspective: In Conversation with BYT Tutor Zoe Apostolides

At BYT HQ we’re often having conversations about the best approach to teaching and the key factors regarding effective learning in a one to one environment. So it felt a good idea to take a walk out in the summer heat to have a quick coffee with one of our tutors Zoe Apostolides and hear all about her experience as a tutor for BYT.

“I have been tutoring for the past four years and specialise in English at all levels, History, French and all common entrance exams. I particularly enjoy teaching the 11+ and have coached successful applicants to many leading state, grammar and independent schools. Since graduating from St Peter’s, Oxford, in 2012, I have worked primarily in journalism and publishing, with roles at the BBC, Royal Shakespeare Company and the Financial Times.

We all know that a solid education paves the way for increased opportunities later on, but I feel very strongly about fostering a love of knowledge for its own sake, with exam results and admissions an added bonus. I believe in setting good amounts of homework as a springboard to help students work more independently in a general sense. A typical English lesson will see my students working through extracts from classic novels, getting to grips with complex comprehensions, expanding their vocabulary with word games and delving into dictionaries, watching YouTube videos of performance poets reading their work. Variety is key to my lessons and I encourage reading as widely as possible.

I believe that confidence is key to actively enjoying education, and tutoring is an excellent way of building this up over time with a one-to-one focus. Most recently I worked with a GCSE student convinced of their limited ability in the subject with a few resources available to them from school. Working through their texts systematically, going right back to the basics and ensuring long discussions about the chosen passages was crucial to removing that student’s mental block with regards to the exam. I have worked with children as young as five, pupils attempting the 7,8 and 11+ pre tests and exams, GCSE students, A-Level students and adult learners. I believe that tutors, when used effectively, can be quite instrumental in changing attitudes towards subjects.”

If you’d like to book a lesson with Zoe for your son or daughter please do give us a call on 02077230506.

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