Back To School – Some Thoughts


With students returning to school this week we say goodbye to another fantastic summer here at Bright Young Things.

Our first ever year of summer school rolled out this summer and we were so happy with its response. We saw a more energetic side to learning from so many familiar faces and new ones too! It truly inspired our tutors to both push them further alongside discovering new and exciting ways to engage learning and fun inside the classroom.

Our Chesham centre finally opened! Another big milestone from BYT and we will soon be inviting you all to celebrate the centre’s opening and our ability to service new hours of the country with high street education.

We would love to say a huge thank you to all our staff and customers for making 2019 such a good summer for us, and for all of those students who excelled in their exams and are pursuing their next steps!

Our Back to School Thoughts

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” – Oprah Winfrey.

As the day closed all was suspiciously quiet,

Previously, there were children running wild in riot,

A noise all in the neighborhood could easily remember,

But forgotten now as it turns to September.

Back to school the calendar read,

The one day of the year all students dread,

“Time for school” all the mothers said,

Oh what they’d give for another hour in bed.

A new respite for parents, a moment of bliss,

The children at school, something they’ve missed,

But home time comes all too soon, a sudden crisis,

Thrown deeply back into the parenting abyss.

School clubs, homework help then onto dinner,

How come the kids are at school, but time feels thinner?

Parents always rushing, expert or beginner,

Maybe no parent can be a winner?

But as the day closes, it returns to quiet,

The children are sleeping, for now, we’ve escaped the riot.

– Sam aged 14 High Wycombe