Biochemistry Undergraduate Interview Questions (Cambridge University)

biochemistry cambridge


Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. 2007

Interview Questions:

2 interviews: both scientific, but one more focused upon biology, and the other biochemistry.

Biological interview: presented with a micrograph of artery. Asked to identify, and name pathological conditions/causation. Ethical questions relating to abortion. 2nd part, presented with a humerus and told to talk about it (no prompts).

Biochemistry interview: discussed adaptation of camels and sweating. I worked through a simple A level chemistry calculation. 2nd part, look at the structure of proteins. Asked how I thought perms work.

Advice for future candidates:

You are not generally assumed to know anything other than easy principles at A-Level. I feel they were just seeing how you respond to questions you will not necessarily have heard of before. I would exaggerate the need to not panic. When I was asked the question about perms, I had no idea. However, I was able to use a combination of both existing knowledge, and that which had been provided in the interview. The interview helped me to show my potential, as opposed to catch me out. The best piece of advice I can give is to take a few seconds to think over the question before answering it; a well thought out answer is far more respected than a rushed idea blurted out straight away.