Bright Young Things and The Access Project

Bright Young Things and The Access Project

Bright Young Things is delighted to announce that we are now supporting The Access Project, a charity that provides one-to-one tuition to students in disadvantaged areas. The Access Project aims to help students navigate their GCSEs, A-Levels and University Applications. Students from disadvantaged homes are under-represented at the UK’s top universities. In fact, only 2% of students at the UK’s top 25 universities were students that eligible Free School Meals during KS2 and KS3, whereas these students make up 15% of secondary school pupils in this country.

Here at Bright Young Things, we do not see tutoring as a luxury reserved for the privileged few. It’s one of the many reasons that we are expanding Bright Young Things by opening up tuition centres in HarrowSt Albans and High Wycombe, with more to come further afield. Internationally, The United Nations convention of the Rights of the Child states that all member states recognise the right of the child to education, with a view to achieving this right progressively and on the basis of equal opportunity. The Access Project, together with Bright Young Things, acknowledges and respects this right and work to ameliorate educational conditions for children.

The “income-based achievement gap” is a problem not just in the UK, but globally. Contributing factors include low exposure to books and learning resources, language barriers, lack of educational role models, and distractions within the family home. The Access Project provides volunteer tuition to help disadvantaged students achieve the grades that they’re capable of. 63% of Access Project students go on to enrol at highly selective universities.

Bright Young Things is providing tutors to The Access Project to help the latter achieve its mission to combat educational inequality by using volunteer tutors to help students access the country’s best universities. Bright Young Thing employee Constance meets her tutee once a week at a local Starbucks, where they work together on her tutees English Literature and English Language GCSE preparation. Constance highly recommends tutoring with The Access Project and encourages all other friends of Bright Young Things to do so.

For more information on The Access Project, see: If you have any questions, feel free to email Constance: [email protected]