Bright Young Things Harrow: A Winning Approach to After School Tuition

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Bright Young Things Harrow Core Maths and English Tuition for 5–14 Year Olds

Here at the BYT Harrow tuition centre we pride ourselves in maintaining a positive work ethic between all of our staff and students alike. This positive ethos allows us as a centre to instil confidence in our students and provide a platform where they can develop their learning skills and reach their potentials.

We believe in teaching through positive reinforcement which has given light to our exclusive reward system. This system provides an incentive for each student to work hard and work independently. Furthermore, this reward system works because is not simply limited to the classroom. Outside of the classroom, we encourage continuous learning and brain development by providing activities such as weekly riddles, using a “word of the week” and solving other such puzzles and games.

Bright Young Things Harrow

We believe that all students, not only our members, should have access to a fun and interactive way of learning. One way Bright Young Things aims to provide this is through the regular workshops for all children aged 5–14 that we run within the local community such as in libraries, businesses and other educational institutions.

Moreover, we also hold monthly story writing competitions which are open to all children. These competitions are not only a chance to win great prizes but they also encourage children to be creative outside of school and develop their writing skills in a fun way.

The Team

Within the centre itself, all of our tutors are well trained and enthusiastic in helping our students to improve academically and achieve great results. In terms of 11+ exams, we strongly believe that preparation is everything. For this reason, we provide bespoke material tailored to our pupil’s needs and are happy to adapt for our clients.

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Centre Director: Archana Dorlikar

Assistant Centre Directors: Rushil Shah and Pooja Patel