Bright Young Things High Wycombe First Weeks

Bright Young Things High Wycombe First Weeks

Our brand new Maths and English Tuition Centre in High Wycombe has been open for over two weeks, and what an encouraging few weeks it has been! Signed up, regular students are well into double digits. Many of their parents have been very generous in suggesting our offering to peers. Everyone at Bright Young Things would like to thank all our early subscribers for their great and ongoing support. You can read how we prepared for our opening here.

We continue to develop relationships with the local community. A number of pupils at Wycombe High School do great work for us in the market, explaining what we do and disseminating useful information to parents. Do take a read of our blog here on approaches to teaching) We are grateful to Ambar, Sophie and Bolu for all their help.

Director Edward Webster has been doing sterling work on our marketing effort. Having seen the yellow AA signs located on various roundabouts in the UK, he investigated whether BYT could do the same. We can and did! Eight of these yellow signs are now dotted around High Wycombe.

New AA Signs

We have also been developing our presence in the town centre. The high street is now adorned with large Bright Young Things banners. A big ‘thank you’ to Gemma Field of HWBIDco for helping organise this.

BYT in High Wycombe

After a great couple of weeks, we look forward to continuing this progress through to Christmas and beyond.

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We offer free trial sessions or assessments. Call us on[Geordie Morrison](http://%3Ca%20href%3D%22tel:01494911655″>01494911655</a> 01494 911655</a> to enquire about availability.<p></p><p>Centre Director: <a href=)

Assistant Centre Director: Max Tovey