Bright Young Things High Wycombe: Opening Diary

BYT High Wycombe: Opening Diary


Today we welcomed two of our key partners to Bright Young Things High Wycombe, both of whom have been instrumental in making the centre happen. Gary Newey and his excellent team were tasked with fitting out the space, a job they did on time and with the minimum of fuss. Clive and Kasha of Blass Design have worked tirelessly over the 6 months, designing the centre layout, our new logo and vibrant centre frontage.

Both Newey Installations and Blass Design have been a pleasure to work. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Assistant Centre Director, Max Tovey, spent the day in the market, where BYT had a stall. There was a consistent stream of genuine interest in the new centre, with many people asking for more information. This was the fifth time we have had a stall. It is a great way to engage with the local community and explain what we do.

In the mean time BYT High Wycombe’s other Assistant Centre Director, Kirsten Wainwright, penned a few words on her experience of the Bucks 11+

“It has been said that children who are tutored to pass the 11+ then struggle when they reach their grammar school.

However, having been tutored myself and attended a very well regarded girls grammar school, I have to whole-heartedly disagree. Going to grammar was the making of me; I got the push I needed to achieve great grades, go to university, and believe in my abilities. I wasn’t always top of my class and I didn’t find it easy, but I don’t believe everyone finds school easy…grammar or otherwise. School is designed to push your abilities and going to a grammar school gave me the focus to do well. It wasn’t “geeky” to get good grades, you weren’t teased for being top of your class, in fact if you were starting to wane, classmates would pull you up on it and wanted you to succeed.

“Although I do believe the school I went to built my confidence and is the reason I achieved the grades to go to university, I don’t believe grammar is the only route. There are lots of schools out there, but if you are academically minded a grammar school is likely to push you that bit further. If a child is suited to a grammar school environment, requiring tuition to get there should not be looked down on. The 11+ has no reflection on the work they will encounter at secondary school, they will likely never tackle verbal or non-verbal reasoning again in their lives. They certainly will never have seen it before, so to say those who need help from tuition aren’t capable of making it in a grammar school is totally untrue, and honestly, there were very few people in my entire year that hadn’t been tutored. Preparation is everything, especially in exams, and it should never be overlooked. “


We have a tuition centre! 41–43 Castle Street really took shape today with the delivery of 23 tables and 46 chairs. A four strong team from BYT shared the burden of fitting unpacking, hauling and organising this mass delivery.

The centre front is almost the finished product now that we have the — hopefully!- eye catching window posters. We hope the Bright Young Things centre is a vibrant addition to Castle Street. Please come by the centre and tell us what you think.

Despite the inevitable hiccups that come with opening a brand new venture, Bright Young Things High Wycombe is on-time and ready to go this Monday.


Bright Young Things High Wycombe was a hive of activity today. Centre Director, Geordie Morrison, visited the local football club, Wycombe Wanderers as part our steps towards truly getting to know the local community in High Wycombe. He and Damian Irvine, the club’s commmercial director, also discussed the potential for future partnerships and exciting ways to work together.

BYT’s Educational Director Donald Bennett and Assistant Centre Director Max Tovey, spent the morning meeting with local businesses in close proximity to our base on Castle Street. They spoke in depth about our offer to local businesses which includes a weeks free tuition for employees’ children and the waiving of our registration fee.

Most exciting of all today was the flurry of enquiries we received from interested parents, many of whom were familiar faces from our time spent in the local market. The afternoon was spent booking in a number of children for assessments; something we offer for free.


Today revolves around an in depth look at the Bucks CEM 11+ and putting the final touches to compiling our academic resources. As furniture begins to arrive, Sofia Carlson, centre director of the Bright Young Things St Albans tuition centre, comes by to fill in the team on her experience in getting their highly successful centre up and running.

The team review conversations with parents and agree on a timetable for the after school sessions. Coffee mornings for parents and members of the local community are scheduled and a e-newsletter is drafted.

Edward Webster, BYT Director, drops in to impart his advice on the day to day running of a successful tuition centre and discuss how the BYT High Wycombe tuition centre can sit within and serve the local community.


Located at 41–43 Castle Street, our doors are now open for prospective parents and we will be open fully from the 1st November. If you would like to drop in and have a coffee and a chat then please do get in touch with Kirsten, Max or Geordie on 01494 911655.