Bright Young Things x The Access Project Booster Days – Creating inclusive A Level & GCSE workshops.

Bright Young Things Boosters: Paving the way for education for all

It is a sad but too often accepted fact that the British education system provides less to

those who need it the most. This is a problem that stats early, and continues throughout a

young person’s life. Over a third of children on free school meals leave Primary school

without meeting expected levels of reading, writing and Maths. At GCSE level 33% of

students on free school meals achieved 5 A*-C grades in their exams last year, compared

with 60% of pupils in the UK overall (Teach First). Finally, statistics released last week by

UCAS highlighted this fact as it was revealed that there was almost half the amount of

applications from students living in Britain’s most disadvantaged areas than those living in

the UK’s richest areas (7,210 versus 12,760, The Sutton Trust).

Offering a solution at BYT

My question was how we at Bright Young Things can help to combat this major disparity,

particularly in the face of more challenging A Levels and ever-rising tuition fees. We are

lucky to have some of London’s best tutors, but for the most part we support students who

already benefit from private or grammar school education and all the advantages that go

with that. This is not to say those students do not need our support, they do. But there are

many young people who we were not reaching and who would benefit just as much, if not

more, from our resources.

Working with the Access Project

Inspired by what I had heard about their work and keen to collaborate, I met with The

Access Project – an organisation doing excellent work to narrow the gap in access to higher

education. They mentor students from years 9 to 13, providing 1to1 tuition and holistic

support during the formative years of secondary education. The concept of ‘Booster Days’

was met with enthusiasm, and the first one was put in the diary.

Designing our Workshops

James Weber and I designed the day (he the Chemistry I hasten to add!), and we awaited

bookings with anticipation. Eventually, we had 20 students booked in over the course of the

day and we are all very excited at BYT HQ. The day was a brilliant success, with wonderful,

engaged and inspiring students giving their all to James’ classes and going away with plenty

of revision notes and smiles. All of them fed back that they’d like the classes to continue,

and there will be another Booster Day next month.

Setting a Standard

This is the first time an education company specialising in bespoke tuition has offered the

same service to charitable outreach pro-bono as it does to its private clients. We are really

proud to be the first private tuition agency to move in this direction, and we can’t wait to

meet more students and offer further support. One step at a time let’s redress the balance

by giving back.

Press Coverage

We very much look forward to the start of an exciting new offering at Bright Young Things