BYT Harrow — GCSE and A Level Exam Centre

JCQ Candidate Regulation Signage at BYT Harrow

Bright Young Things are thrilled to announce their first exam being taken in our centres.

This is now updated. We have moved the Exam centre to our Chesham Centre. We have called it The Exam House.

This marks the beginning of BYT Tuition Centres acquiring examination centre status. As we move into GCSE season and continue our work preparing pupils for public exams, this is becoming a key new service.

Bright Young Things Harrow is an AQA and Pearson Edexcel registered examination centre and we plan to offer a full range of subjects at GCSE and A Level at all our centres across the main exam boards by 2017/18.

Why are we doing this

While schools provide a quality learning and examination centre for the large majority of pupils, our independence and flexibility at BYT gives candidates who sit outside mainstream education, such as, adult learners or home schooled students, the opportunity to take U.K. examinations.

Furthermore, more often than not a school may not offer exam taking opportunities to outside exam candidates. These pupils are often have the greatest need for a flexible exam centre, since, more often than not, schools do not offer exam invigilation for external exam candidates.

We at BYT are now happy to be able to provide an examination centre solution for these candidates.

Bright Young Things Tuition

Bright Young Things Tuition

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