BYT Maths and English Booklets

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Bright Young Things Maths and English Booklets for Year 3 to Year 9

At Bright Young Things HQ we have been working hard over the last six months to bring all of our experience and know how together in order to understand what make the best work sheets in Maths and EnglishOur team have been working concisely to avoid the type of dreary repetition that often comes with academic worksheets. Whilst certain teaching companies might believe that route repeat learning is the answer, at BYT we’re convinced that a more varied approach comprising of a curated mix of discursive tasks alongside relevant topic related re-enforcement is the real key to fostering an more incisive and embedded subject knowledge.

  • Every teacher knows the value of a structure to work through

  • Every pupil knows the value of progress for motivation and goal setting.

In creating our series of academic booklets we believe that we have married the two in a simple and elegant manner. Our Maths and English worksheet layout and taxonomy is designed to give pupils clear and open goals through which to progress whilst at the same time giving a teacher clarity and structure through which to guide the pupils through.

Coupled with superb teachers and the honed learning environments in our tuition centres, students will progress through our course of booklets learning and understanding as they go with clear goals and structure allowing for a more rewarding experience.

Our aim at Bright Young Things is that our Maths and English worksheets will be the defacto materials to which teachers and pupils alike will refer to as the most up to date and effective worksheet material on the market.

We’ve started trialing our worksheets in our Harrow Tuition Centre and have been getting superb feedback from students and parents alike.

As always we’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch.