BYT Maths and English Materials

Here at BYT HQ, we’ve been developing a comprehensive Maths and English worksheet series as a programme of work for ages 5–14 to undergo in our tuition centres across the South of England.

With the project reaching gearing forth into it’s latter stages, we took some time to speak to our copy writers to find out about their experience working on a project of this scope and what they feel goes into a truly useful academic worksheet.

First up was Joseph Gridley who kindly took a few moments out of a fairly hectic schedule to have a couple of words. Joe, a graduate from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, spent several years as head of Partner Relations at Free the Children UK and most recently at the Mayor of London’s Office along side regular tutoring.


BYT Tutor Joseph Gridley

“Over the past few weeks I have been delving back into happy mathematical memories from primary school, writing worksheets for Bright Young Things. With topics ranging from Exploring Money to Long Division, I have been finding new, exciting and challenging ways for students to deepend their knowledge and practice their mathematical skills. Each topic has a series of 7–10 worksheets that get progressively difficult as you work through them and are designed to support and re-enforce class room learning.

In my experience, a great worksheet needs three things: variety, real life application and opportunities to approach a problem from all angles. For me, real life application is the most important element to bring to a worksheet as this allows students to visualise precisely why it is they are learning this topic.

As someone who used to work in schools and is a strong believer in the educational mantra that ‘practice makes perfect’, creating these worksheets has been a rewarding experience. Not only does it encourage me to explore topics that you probably hadn’t looked at since the age of 7, you also know that these worksheets will help students master the new skills they need for adult life.”


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