BYT St Albans Mural

We are thrilled to announce that our St Albans Centre has unveiled The Blue Footed Booby Mural in St Albans.

Covering over half of the wall, the fun and friendly cartoon-like mural is decorated with three large and colourful flamingos amongst four playful blue footed boobies. Juxtaposed next to the brick wall, the mural adds an extra welcoming note for children going to our Centre!

Bright Young Things in St Albans aims to promote the efforts of protecting the delicate ecosystem of the Galapagos island, particularly the endangered and distinctive Blue footed boobies.

BYT Founder and Director Woody Webster comments:

“We are excited to lighten up the area around the station and at the same time raise awareness of the plight of the blue footed boobies on the Galapagos Island”.

Just as we seek to protect our environment, we also intend to preserve our society. From private tuition to group lessons for various levels, BYT uses a wide range of resources to promote and bring high quality education to children of all ages and backgrounds. Visit our website or call us for any enquiries.