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BYT Tuition Centres | From Page to Reality

Take a quick look at how a Bright Young Things Centre goes from an early sketch to reality

Here you can see how we are looking at implementing our key design features in High Wycombe to our new tuition centre in Maidenhead.

  • The floor with desks — this is where our combined maths and English sessions take place. Students work with our fantastic tutors through the BYT pencil and paper materials.

  • The classroom —this is where our taught classes take place including our 11+ course (covering GL, CEM, ISEB and school entrance exams.)

  • The knowledge bar — our GCSE classes often take place either here or the classroom. We also use it for regular staff meetings, catch up and tutor feedback

  • Reception — those lovely green chairs are where you and us will have our initial chat as your child does their free assessment.

As we hope you can see, our emphasis is on transparency. We like a lot of glass, bright colours and open space! The rest is up to us and our expert team of tutors.

Working hard at Bright Young ThingsWorking hard at Bright Young Things

We look forward to seeing you through our doors very soon.

Bright Young Things Tuition | 8a Lower Grosvenor Place | London SW1W 0EN | 020 7723 0506

BYT Tuition Centres in High Wycombe, Maidenhead, St Albans and HarrowBYT Tuition Centres in High Wycombe, Maidenhead, St Albans and Harrow

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