BYT Tuition — coming soon to a High Street near you.

We’ve been so pleased with the successes of our latest tuition centre in High Wycombe that we thought now a fitting time to talk about our plans to expand across the South of the U.K.

With a further three centres opening this year and ten more to come next year, we’re delighted to be bringing our Tuition Centres to parents and students across the country.

Bright Young Things Harrow on Kenton Lane

About us

Bright Young Things Tuition started in 2008 as a private tutoring company. As we grew, the team looked to deploy the goodwill that they had already garnered into fixed centres to run courses and drop-in learning groups focused on the after-school market.

It struck us that we could use our collective expertise and success in helping students academically across board (from boosting confidence, attainment, to work on initiative and exam preparation) to offer a more accessible approach to after school tuition.

What makes BYT different from other learning providers?

Tutor teaching a lesson in centre

Sharing knowledge, discoveries and team development at BYT High Wycombe

We are two fold in our purpose.

We’ve designed the BYT Tuition membership to work in tandem with your child’s schooling be it state or independent. By coming to us twice a week and working through our Maths and English courses with excellent tutors, students have a chance to really get a fluent grasp of key numerical and literary concepts across Key Stages 1–3. They’re thus able to go back into the classroom feeling confident and engaged.

We’re also great believers in offering a change up of the learning dynamic. It can be easy in school for a student to worry about peer pressure and feeling vulnerable or exposed if asking questions in class. At BYT we aim to give every student a safe space where they are encouraged to ask about anything they don’t understand. Students who have a difficult time in class get to go back in to school and know that there is more to learning.

Pen and Paper

This one’s come up before in our blog but we’ll re-emphasise as we think it’s important. It’s our belief that this offers all of the traditional benefits to enhanced knowledge retention and muscle memory (we think, and indeed studies show, that spelling, grammar and word formation skills are honed by the physical act of writing itself!) Hence we confidently differentiate ourselves from Explore Learning’s computer based, algorithmic learning platforms.

Furthermore, whilst also being entirely unique to us, our materials are not simply a cahier de broillon of endless repetition and learning by rote. Created in alignment with the U.K. National Curriculum, we’ve designed them to offer varied and enjoyable learning experience to students.

Exam Preparation, 11+ and 13+

In our years of experience running London’s foremost private tuition agency, we spent a lot of time, energy and resources preparing for and getting students into some of the U.K.s top schools(both state and independent) and Universities. We feel that collectively we know all there is to know about the art and science of exam preparation and we’ve distilled that knowledge into our timetabled classes offering. Be it 11+, 13+ Common Entrance or end of year exams — at BYT we’ve got it covered. We offer a curated timetabled course made up of past paper work, practice in exam conditions, working to time, and an individualised supervision from our experienced tutors.

tuition centre locations

BYT High Wycombe’s shop front on a bright early morning.

Why not drop in and see us to find out more.

BYT High Wycombe 41–43 Castle Street HP13 6RN

BYT Harrow 219 Kenton Ln, Harrow HA3 8RP

Bright Young Things Tuition Harrow

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