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BYT Tutor Success Stories — Hannah Titley

As the October Half term draws in closer and plans are fast made for the provision of exam preparation, we thought a good time to take stock and speak to another of our tutors, Hannah Titley, about her recent success in the field. Hannah, an Oxford Graduate (Biological Sciences) has completed a postgraduate qualification in Education Policy at King’s College London along side achieving an outstanding rating for her PGCSE teaching qualification.

Below is Hannah’s account of a recent break through with a Science student in London.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology in East London

**I began working with a Year 9 student in East London at the start of Hilary Term. **He was very quiet and lacked confidence. I spoke to him about areas for focus. In Physics, he was struggling with heat and heat transfer. In Chemistry he needed help with electrolysis, the reactivity series and balancing simple equations. In Biology, general practice on how to answer questions on experimental design was needed. I understood his concern as, for many Year 9 students who are starting the IGCSE specification, the jump from KS3 to 4 is a big step and can prove challenging.

**For the initial session, he brought a recent Physics paper for which he had received a D grade. **We started working through the questions, making the distinction between silly mistakes and areas in which he did not understand the topic. It also helped to highlight a few common misconceptions. We arranged regular weekly tutorials, with a mid-term plan to review and assess his understanding.

**He was bright, very engaged in lessons and keen to improve. **His subject knowledge developed quickly. He completed his homework to a high standard and started to feel comfortable asking questions. When I discussed the difference between his school and tutorial results, re revealed that he had been to shy to ask for help at school. This meant he had misunderstood some of the fundamental concepts and it was causing problems later down the line.

At the end of Trinity Term, he achieved A, A, B in Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively. I found the lessons enjoyable to teach, and seeing him progress and develop in confidence, was a very rewarding experience. He is entering Year 10 this year and I’m looking forward to supporting him to achieve the A* grades that he is capable of.

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