BYT’s Tutor Training Day!

We are happy to announce that our second Tutor Training Day last week was a huge success.

Held at our Harrow learning centre, the interactive day-long event saw tutors from our Agency and our Centres working together to share top tips on how to improve their tutoring and how the Agency can best support our excellent tutors.

The training day was designed to offer support for experienced and less experienced tutors, while also providing social interaction that can sometimes be quite rare in this profession.

The following topics were covered:

🎄 Risky Business – Should risk taking in learning be encouraged? How can you get students to feel comfortable when they don’t have the knowledge? How can you reassure students that they already have knowledge?

🎄 Motivation Stations – As a tutor, you are often teaching students that don’t like the subject that they are being tutored. How do you engage/ motivate GCSE students in exams they won’t be taking to A-Level? What to do with incredibly reluctant learners/ writers/ students who feel that the subject is not for them – how to engage these students? 

🎄 The blurred line: when tutoring becomes personal – Tutors are in a unique position: they are neither teachers in the conventional sense, nor are they friends of their tutees. This can lead to surprising situations. What to do in these situations? Including law surrounding child protection.

🎄 To conclude the training, we offered an open discussion, inviting tutors to ask questions and to discuss any unusual situations that they encountered while tutoring.

All in all, it was a huge success, and we are looking forward to hosting another tutor training day in the new year.