Cambridge English Literature undergraduate interview

Cambridge English Literature;


Downing College, Dr. Cathy Philips, Dr. Marcus Tomlison, Dr.Will Poole.

“We had a 45 minute unseen prac crit at the beginning of the interview day followed by one interview with Dr. Philips and one with Dr. Tomlinson and Dr. Poole.

Questions and content of the interviews.

At the interview with Dr. Philips we were given a excerpt from a poem and one prose at the beginning and then asked to comment on each. The interview was largely centred around this and then she asked some more personal questions to do with my personal statement and extra curricular activities.

The interview with Dr. Tomlinson and Poole was more informal but more intellectually rigorous; I was invited to talk about books I loved and why but the interview was very wide-ranging and they weren’t afraid to question my views.” “Doing some timed prac crit before my interview would have helped, as would some practice interview sessions as they would have helped with build my confidence in speaking under pressure.

Advice for future candidates:

Brushing up on my vocabulary and reading around the texts I mentioned in my personal statement was fundamental.