Christmas Workshops and Courses

With Christmas rapidly approaching, the school holidays are just around the corner!

In our BYT Centres, we have a very exciting month planned ahead, filled with exam sessions to help students prepare for their January mocks, as well as fun and festive workshops to help wind down after a long and stressful term.

⛄ Mocks

Don’t forget, all of our Centres will be offering mocks on the 28th of December for all taught classes to help boost students’ confidence and prepare them for the upcoming exams. Please contact your closest centre to book your child in for the mocks.

⛄ Harrow’s Christmas workshops

On the 27th of December, our Harrow Centre will be hosting two exciting workshops:

💡 Arts & Crafts Designs – the interactive and festive session will allow students to get as creative as possible and unleash their artistic elements.

💡 Handwriting – Combining creativity with calligraphy skills, this workshop will be an opportunity for all students to learn new writing styles, including old fashioned calligraphy and the more up-to-date and hip bubble style.

 Maidenhead Christmas workshops

Our Maidenhead Centre will be hosting numerous workshops starting from the 21st of December:

21st of December – The day of the challenges

💡 KS3/ GCSE Team Challenge – this will provide students with the opportunity to work together to complete a variety of challenges. There may be a prize for the winners …

💡 KS3/ GCSE Debating – this workshop will allow students to voice and listen to opinions, and to learn how to construct a persuasive and coherent argument.

27th of December – the creative day

💡 KS1 Arts and Crafts – this is a creative workshop, where students will master creating, studying and modelling their own 3D shapes. At the end of the session, there will be a competition to see who can make the tallest tower using their 3D shapes.

💡 KS2 creative writing – let your child’s imagination run loose with words during this workshop, where they will have the freedom to write their own stories. Special prizes will be given to the best character or group of characters!

28th of December – the revision day

💡 Revision day – alongside our mocks, we will also be running KS3/ GCSE dealing with stress and revision & Exam Technique workshops to help students wind down from the stressful autumn term, while also looking at the best ways to tackle the exams.

⛄ High Wycombe’s Christmas workshops

Last but not least, our High Wycombe Centre has the following exciting workshops:

27th December – Roman History Workshop

💡 Join Omar as we learn what life was really like in Ancient Rome! The workshop will look at how Julius Caesar ended up being so powerful and why he met his famous end, gory gladiator matches and ROman public games and, for students in Year 6 and above, there will be an opportunity to write their very own Roman satire. 

29th December – Spanish Workshop

💡Come and learn some new language skills with our very own Senor Sparavalo (Matt) . As well as giving an taster of Spanish language this workshop will provide an introduction to Spanish food and culture with some tasty treats available.

The session will conclude with each pupil producing a small piece of work in Spanish to bring home and show off to their friends and family.

Please contact the Centre closest to you to book your child in for a workshop. Quick quick, places are quickly running out!