Doing our bit for a cleaner, safer High Wycombe!

As educators, it is important to act as role models for our students. Young people need to see our actions, both inside and outside of the centre, and say: “this is how we should act.”

We feel a responsibility to show students that they should be proud of their communities, and work together to make them the best they can be. For these reasons, on Wednesday April 17th, Bright Young Things contributed towards making High Wycombe city centre cleaner and safer. The event itself was organised by the fantastic organisation BIDCO, whom since 2012 has strived to bring a positive change by creating a more vibrant High Wycombe. 

Alongside many other local businesses, we volunteered to pick up litter from the streets and dispose of it safely. Despite filling up many bin bags, not all of what we collected had to be put in the trash. Many plastic materials were fed to the incredible mesh lion in the city centre to be recycled and used again.

After the event, not only did our staff feel proud for helping to improve the cleanliness of the town, but they also felt a strong sense of how fortunate they are in their daily lives. After seeing how we had improved certain areas of the town in such a short time, we are all excited to continue helping to clean the community at every opportunity presented.

We thank BIDCO for their amazing initiative and determination to make the community cleaner. We look forward to continuing our work with them, and to form more relationships with other business around High Wycombe. Stay tuned for updates on our partnerships!