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Bright Young Things | Creating our Learning Materials

As our brand new Bright Young Things High Wycombe Tuition Centre veers towards the end of itโ€™s successful first month up and running, we thought it a fitting moment to share a sample of our in-house academic materials.

One of the key strengths of our tuition centres is the emphasis on small group pen and paper learning and we have developed a series of unique English and Maths materials for work in our centres to provide a staple support to classroom learning. The booklets themselves have been designed in line with the National curriculum and the papers below are a staple aid to 11+ preparation.

Sample BYT Practice Papers (PDF Download)

Maths Booklet Sample (11+)

English Booklet Sample (11+)

You can read about how we got BYT High Wycombe up and running here.

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