Five ways BYT after school tuition can really complement School Learning…

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The age old crux that we get from parents, and indeed, rightly so, is “yes fine but why should I pay for extra tuition? Should my child’s school not be covering all of their educational needs?”

In regard to after school tuition therefore the question is are you not theoretically paying for something that you already have.

1. We provide a truly personalised experience.

At BYT, we can match our materials to the ability of our students. If they are finding the work in their current year too easy, we can provide them with more challenging materials to keep stretching them and ensure that learning is still productive. On the other hand, should they find the work too difficult, we can pinpoint the areas they find tricky and build up their confidence and ability on these subjects.

In addition, all student work is thoroughly marked by our tutors so we are always aware of not only which topics need practice, but which questions in particular they find difficult.

The key is that we work with your child as an individual so that they can go back into the classroom feeling energised and confident.

2. We take the pressure off children and let them work at their own pace.

It is not just the teachers who are under pressure to complete the entire curriculum in a year, but also the students! Tuition allows students to work at their own pace without the need to rush through topics. If a subject is tricky, they can take as much time as they need to feel comfortable without the entire curriculum looming over them.

3. We pride ourselves on giving in depth parent feedback.

Although Schools do provide feedback and have parent evenings to discuss progress, it is often quite a kerfuffle to organise more personal meetings.

Here at BYT, not only do we have progress sheets (where tutors record progress and comments after every session) but we are able to give personal meetings. The big difference between progress meetings and parents evening is focus. We allow you to go through your child’s work and discuss individual topics rather than the subject as a whole.

4. Our tutor-to-student ratio.

It’s no surprise that tuition can give more individual attention to each student. BYT boasts one of the best small group ratios at 1:4. Schools often have classes of 30 children to 1 teacher and sometimes an assistant. With that in mind, tuition has the resources to explain concepts in a way that matches the student’s learning style.

5. We keep the fun in learning.

Schools may provide stickers or merits for good work and effort, but good behaviour is more of an expectation. Here at BYT, we understand that Maths and English are not every student’s cup of tea and we reward positive behaviour as well as effort with ‘Star Cards’. Once a student collects enough, they can exchange them for a prize!

We also promote free workshops like our ‘Magician Masterclass’ and have creative writing competitions with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. A positive, material reward for achievement is a core principle at BYT.

BYT High Wycombe Maths & English Tuition

BYT High Wycombe Maths & English Tuition

In essence Bright Young Things tuition centres’ real aim is to send your child back to the classroom re-invigorated, confident, and ready to fulfil their potential. Ours is to work in tangent with school learning and to give your child a place where knowledge can embed, ideas can formulate and initiative can develop. We are delighted to say we are currently working successfully with hundreds of parents and children alike.

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