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How to plan a strategy when it comes to retaking exams

Maths GCSE Revision Notes. As many pupils know, getting a C in English and a C in Maths GCSE is necessary to enter further education and entry level jobs.

As many pupils know, getting a C in English and a C in Maths GCSE is necessary to enter further education and entry level jobs.

If you decide to take an A level in a subject that requires a high GCSE score, a retake can be the only way to proceed.

Remember, a crash course in your chosen GCSE retake can seem like a quick win. However, the exams are only once a year, so you will need to wait until the following year to sit the exam.

Things to remember about retakes:

  • Many Sixth Form colleges require students to get at least 5 GCSEs at C or above to start their courses.

  • The core subjects of English, Maths and Science are the most important retakes to consider.

Retaking while studying for A level:

This is a popular route to go down for GCSE retakes. As more often than not, being engaged in the subjects and studying for the A level actually furthers one’s capacity in the GCSE retakes, whichever the subject.

So, if there is no requirement to retake a GCSE, we strongly suggest you do not put yourself under extra pressure. Only do GCSE retakes alongside your A levels if you have to.

How to take the retakes:

Have a chat to the establishment where you initially took the GCSE . They will know your situation and the sheer number of pupils at the establishment will mean they are usually well equipped to answer your queries. However, they may not have room nor a suitable timetable for you to study and retake your chosen GCSE.

Other options:

  • Working, including apprenticeship schemes may give you the opportunity to study and retake a GCSE.

  • One can simply start to study independently and apply directly to an exam centre. This, although tempting, does not provide the learning structure to get the best possible outcome.

  • Independent exam and tuition centres will provide flexibility in the revision timetable and be experienced in supporting you through your retakes.

  • Here at Bright Young Things Tuition centres we have a number of exam centres suitable for GCSE retakes.

  • Contact any one of the centres for more information about how they can help you retake your GCSEs.

Edward Webster is a founder and director of Bright Young Things Tuition

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