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Getting started with BYT 11+ Online Practice

We’re delighted to have launched our new dedicated 11+ Online Prep Platform — one of it’s creators, BYT Head of Education Donald Bennet gives us a run down of it’s features.

Welcome to BYT 11+ Online Practice!Welcome to BYT 11+ Online Practice!

1. How it works

Four topics, each with subtopics to allow for targeted preparation. Maths and English are the heart of 11+ work, but some schools require Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning. We’ve included these to help your child get the skills they need. Counters keep track of average scores, highest scores and tests completed. You can even go back and finish a test you started a few days ago. Easy viewing of completed tests means that you can easily go back and do more tests on weak areas. Our vast question bank means there is no limit on the number of times you can take a test until you a really confident.

2. No Pain No Gain

Except sometimes. We’ve tested our online practice platform with hundreds of children and they genuinely love it. At this age, getting kids to put in hard work can be such a fight and we just wanted to get rid of that battle. We all know that 11+ success doesn’t come without some serious effort and so BYT Online Practice is designed to make the process of preparing for 11+ exams as smooth as it should be.

A clear dashboard to help you keep up to date with topics and progress!A clear dashboard to help you keep up to date with topics and progress!

3. Practice tests

The practice is varied with exactly the kinds of question types that come up in real paper-based and online exams. The Maths and English topics reflect what is covered in KS2 but the content is stretching, just like the 11+ exams are. Exceptionally, the more you get right, the harder the questions get! And if things are getting too tricky for you, the difficulty drops back down as appropriate.

an 11+ Algebra Practice Test in progress on BYT 11+ Online!an 11+ Algebra Practice Test in progress on BYT 11+ Online!

4. Mock Tests

The jewel in our crown is our mock tests. These are hefty, timed and realistic. As you can see below, there are 5 ways to practice including Mixed which provides a fun way to work through all the different topics whilst under the exam-style pressure of a countdown timer.

Mock 11+ TestsMock 11+ Tests

5. Try it out!

Now you’re ready why not do a free trial? You can try BYT 11+ Online Practice free for 30 days. If you’re feeling particularly brave you can also try our test for parents — get 3 out of 6 questions correct and win 20% off your membership!

Donald Bennet is a senior tutor at Bright Young Things Tuition and one of the creators of BYT 11+ Online. A full time private tutor with a Mathematics degree from Cambridge University, Donald has had unparalleled success in 11+ school applications and exams for the most prestigious schools in London and surrounding areas.

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