High Wycombe Tuition Centre; An Ethos Behind Design

Bright Young Things High Wycombe; An Ethos Behind Design

As we rolled out a series of tuition centres across the South of the U.K we knew that our newest outing in High Wycombe had to exemplify the standard of learning that Bright Young Things has been renowned for.

Our ethos is simple and based around a focal point of small group, individualised tuition. It is face to face with other people and not computers that we believe young minds are nurtured best academically.

It was for the opening of Bright Young Things High Wycombe that we took the step towards incorporating a new design concept that could underpin this ethos. Working closely with Blass Design, we are thrilled to have come to a truly innovative result.

“We believe in small group tuition and a sense of collective focused learning environment, so it’s pretty obvious that the physical surroundings will be very important” says Edward Webster, director of BYT “Our approach, including our ‘knowledge bar’ and techniques like group collective learning make us far-and-away market leaders. But we wanted to excel in providing the best surroundings for our pupils, so we teamed up with Blass Design to create a first-class classroom experience from scratch, making sure that the space is uncluttered, paper (rather than computer) based, open-plan and borrowing from a palette of colours conducive to working”.

Below you can see a glimpse into the centre itself. Do take a read of our opening diary to find out about all that we undertook in the lead up to opening in late November. Bright Young Things High Wycombe truly represents a new, vibrant and exciting step in after school tuition across the U.K.

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