How are BYT Learning Centres different?


As we’ve been growing over the last several years we’re often asked “what’s the difference between you and your competitors?”. Parents needn’t walk far in High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Harrow, or St Albans to see an inundation of offers for after school tuition on all the high streets. So what marks us out against our competitors in what can feel a crowded market place with a lot of parties essentially doing similar things? 

We thought we would give you a comprehensive breakdown of your options on after school tuition centres in and around High Wycombe and the surrounding Buckinghamshire area.

The Main Options

🔵 Explore Learning — A company founded in 2001, Explore have the most prolific presence in the U.K.

🔵 Kumon — a Japanese originated franchise based around learning methods founded in the 1950s.

🔵First Class Learning- A U.K. based franchise working in the model of larger U.S companies like Sylvan Learning.

Explore Learning High Wycombe

It isn’t hard to find an Explore Learning on any High Street in Great Britain and the High Wycombe branch is well located in the large Sainsbury’s near Castle Street.

When frequenting an Explore Learning centre, your child will most likely undergo a combination of Maths and English tuition on computers and on paper.

At Bright Young Things, we believe working on computers may counteract some of the core benefits of paper learning: attention to detail, presentation, muscular memory, and hand to eye coordination. It is for this reason that we encourage paper-based learning throughout our centres.

Kumon UK — High Wycombe South

In our experience, Kumon’s strength has always been based on learning by rote. A carefully designed system of booklets based around repetition and reinforcement has particular strengths in improving mental arithmetic, particularly around Key Stage 1 and 2.

The Kumon system is not dissimilar to the French ‘cahier de brouillon’ in its embedded notions of learning by rote. Kumon has a good track record in terms of embedding core mental arithmetic, alacrity, and inference skills that are necessary to succeed in both Maths and English.

First Class Learning Centre for Maths and English – High Wycombe

Located in the Disraeli School and Children’s Centre in HP13, First Class Learning High Wycombe offers Maths, English and 11 Plus support for children in the Buckinghamshire area.

The Bucks CEM 11 Plus is a focal point in primary level education in Buckinghamshire and the CEM 11 Plus exam can pose problems hence the abundance of support on offer.

Bright Young Thing Maths and English Tuition Centre High Wycombe

So how do we differentiate ourselves from our competitors? We appreciate their strengths but at BYT there is a unique offering that is collated learning programme focusing on your child as an individual.

🖋️ All of our Maths and English material is curated in-house by us (drawing on our collective decade long experience in the U.K. Education industry), aligned to the national curriculum, and developed to provide key support for pupils across Key Stages 1–3.

🖋️ Focused support for 11 Plus including Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning supplements. We ensure our tutors are fluent in all aspects of the 11 Plus so as to take the pressure off your child.

🖋️ We meet and interview all of our tutors; keen, motivated individuals with a passion for bringing out the best in their students.

🖋️ We’ve been open since November 2016 and already parents are reporting huge leaps forward in their children’s academic progress.

Perhaps most importantly of all: we are keen to learn.

Come in and see us whenever you like. We would love to hear about how your child is doing and we’d be delighted to help. We’re looking to get to know more High Wycombe parents and find out precisely how we can tailor what we do to meet your needs.

Find out about our team, opening times and more here.