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How BYT St Albans makes the 11+ process that little bit easier…

St Albans is well known for its incredible schools, yet tough entrance examinations, and here at Bright Young Things, we know all about that. Our specialised Year 4 and Year 5 11+ programmes allow students to first build the foundation knowledge they need and then progress through the academic years, to gain all the necessary skills to be successful in their entrance exams.

BYT St Albans is an Ofsted registered childcare providerBYT St Albans is an Ofsted registered childcare provider

It’s important to recognise that the 11+ process can be demanding for both students and parents alike. Students want to know if they are doing well, and what level they are at. Parents want to know which schools do which entrance exams, and whether they are in the catchment area? Bearing this in mind, we make sure that we are well-informed and that the process is as pressure-free as possible for students and parents.

Catching up with local parents at our coffee morningCatching up with local parents at our coffee morning

We recently ran our 11+ Schools Selection Coffee Morning, and what a hit it was! We had lots of parents dropping by to speak to our in-house Schools Specialist who helped tackle important questions such as:

  • “What schools can I apply for in my area?”

  • “How should I best prepare my child for a pre-examination interview?”

  • “How can I tell which local school is best suited for my child?”

Choosing the right school for your child can be difficult!Choosing the right school for your child can be difficult!

Information on schools and the 11+ can often be vague and difficult to find, so inviting parents to come to us directly (with a coffee and some cake included, of course!) meant that we could help answer all their queries and worries. They left us feeling fully informed. There is something rather comforting about having a face-to-face discussion, rather than trying to get the answer to a detailed question via an online search engine!

At St Albans we try to take the hassle out of schools applicationAt St Albans we try to take the hassle out of schools application

Our students work extremely hard during their time with us and we like to ensure that they can see their own progression from when they began. We run regular assessments and timed-tasks in our lessons to challenge them in working quickly, but effectively through a task. We believe it is imperative for students, prior to their entrance assessments, to sit a mock exam in exam conditions, so not only do they get to see where their level is, but they relieve their nerves by experiencing exam conditions. We successfully ran our 11+ Easter course and, by popular demand, are running mock exams in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning in the May half term. These are a great way for students to experience what is coming up and reduce the pressure and uncertainty of what it will be like to sit the exams in the future.

We’ve all sorts of fantastic classes and courses running at our centre.We’ve all sorts of fantastic classes and courses running at our centre.

We run these events because we see these students and parents nearly every day, and we understand how stressful this time can be, especially as these entrance examinations come closer. It is our aim, to not only provide great and effective tuition, but to be a support system to the whole family that walks through our door. It is our duty, and our pleasure to be of any educational help that we can be.

BYT St Albans

BYT St Albans Tuition CentreBYT St Albans Tuition Centre

For anymore information on our 11+ courses, or about our May half term mock exams, click here.

Feel free to give us a call on *01727 260239*. Or drop by and see us at:

35 Ridgmont Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3AH

Have you seen our new online 11+ learning platform?

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