Italian and French Oxford Undergraduate Course interview questions

Italian and French Oxford Undergraduate Course interview questions

Oxford University, St. Peters and Lincoln College:

Dr Dorigatti, Mr Southworth, Dr Conde, Dr Nitschke at Lincoln for Italian

Questions asked at Interview:

I was given a poem of about 20 lines in 19th language to prepare 15 minutes before interview. It concerned Adam and Eve’s fate after the Temptation. I was asked who I thought it was written by, what I thought the significance of it was, and whether I could relate it to any contemporary poets.

At St Peter’s, I was also given a poem 15 minutes before the interview. It was by Neruda, and dealt with the contrasting theme of love for women and love for God. However, after a few initial minutes, Mr Southworth concentrated mainly on what I had written for my personal statement.

For my Italian interview at St Peter’s I was asked to speak about my families, my hobbies, and my impression of Oxford – in Italian. I was then asked about Umberto Eco, a novelist who I had also mentioned in my Personal statement.

Advice for future candidates:

Look at your grammar scores because this shows which person is more willing to study the ‘nitty-gritty’ aspects of Modern Languages. | Ensure that you have read at least 2 novels in the target language. The course at Oxford is a literary course and so the tutors very much want to see your passion for the texts you have so far encountered. Being fluent in the language is not enough….Have a few questions up your sleeve for the end of the interview. Most tutors will finish the session by asking you if you have any queries at all.