Join BYT to improve your child’s brain power!

Worryingly, a major study has found that children who spend over 2 hours a day on their phones or watching TV are at serious risk of damaging their brain power and function.

The study, conducted in the USA, worked with over 4,500 children,and analysed their screen time (playing computer games, using social media, engaging with their iPhone or e-tablet, and watching TV), sleep and physical activity.

Based on children aged 8 – 11, the experiment revealed that students who spend the most time on electronic devices and watching TV have around a 5% lower cognitive function to other children of the same age group. Scientists believe that this occurs because screen time fails to stimulate the brain, and therefore leads to its decline. 

Study leader Dr Jeremy Walsh stated; ‘We found that more than two hours of recreational screen times in children was associated with poorer cognitive development.’

Did you know that Bright Young Things operates a reduced screen policy?

In line with our mission to provide top quality education to our students, Bright Young Things avoids using screens in lessons.

We believe that, whilst computer-based learning can be useful, it is not as valuable to long-term development as paper-based learning and human interaction.

Instead, our students work through specially designed BYT workbooks and worksheets, ensuring that they are not distracted and providing them with a welcome break from screens. This policy is observed by all of our Centres, as well as by our tutors in London.

Benefits of reduced-screen learning include:

✔️ Increased grades and overall better academic performance.

✔️ Reduced chances of developing behavioural issues. As investigated by world-renowned scientist Douglas Gentile, reduced-screen learning causes less aggression in children.

✔️ Helps children develop their language as studies show a strong correlation between heavy early screen exposure and significant language delays.

✔️ Better sleep as well as decreasing body mass index, thus lowering the risks of obesity.

So, all in all, BYT’s method makes children smarter and healthier!

Get on-board and prevent your children becoming addicted to screens! For more information on our off-screen classes and private tuition, contact us via email on [email protected] or give us a call on the following numbers:

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