Maidenhead Tuition Centre – 6 months in

6 Months review of Maidenhead.

Starting in Dec 2017, the Maidenhead tuition centre has developed a reputation for high quality learning in a suitably focussed learning enviroment.

Ed. Webster the BYT’s operations director is thrilled with the result.

Edward goes on to explain: Our vision is to build a high quality learning centre in the heart of Maidenhead. To provide both outside of school learning as welll as home school pupils a place to access high quality teaching.

Whether it is a place to practice 11 plus exams, as well as revision and courses for GCSE or provide structured classes for home schooling pupils, the BYT Maidenhead tuition centre is an excellent place to come and learn.

Further outside of school learning is thriving partly because schools often only offer a one size fits all. We want to support pupils who are either being left behind, or they need an extra push and gudiance to reach their full potential. 

Often pupils come to the tuition centres because schools do not push them enough. Along with others, who often find school is simply a difficuly fit for them.’