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Thoughts from the frontline. Is private tuition for everyone? And how can we diversify the after school help on offer?

BYT High Wycombe’s Geordie Morrison considers the differences between small group and private tuition.

At Bright Young Things, we are proud to offer the complete menu of tutoring options, from residential one-two-one to high street tuition centres. There is a generally accepted view that one-to-one is superior to tuition offered in high street centres. After all, it is significantly more expensive, so it must be significantly better…?

This musing is not to suggest that tuition centres are somehow superior to one-to-one tuition. It is simply to challenge the assumption that one-to-one is better than the centres for allstudents.

So, for what reasons might some children (and parents) be more suited to centres over one-to-one at the home?

1.Home = harmony:For some parents, home is a place for family, relaxation and fun — not academic work. Tuition centres allow parents to retain their home as a place of tranquillity, content in the knowledge that a BYT centre is fulfilling their child’s academic needs. It’s for this reason that BYT places such importance on the design of our centres, which are stimulating and friendly environments for study.

2.A Working Environment: There is a common-held idea in the teaching profession that some children do not take to working at home, a place they associate with downtime. It’s not always this simple. Some children may be fine working at home, but simply work more productively surrounded by other students in a building designed specifically for tuition.

  1. Over Reliance:In some cases a student can become overly reliant on their one-to-one tutor, which can impinge on their ability to think independently. In a tuition centre, the students are under the constant supervision of the tutors. However, the tutors are not seated directly next to students as they are in residential one-to-one tuition. For some, this ‘nudges’ them towards more independent thinking, a critical element of the learning process.

Geordie Morrison is the centre director of BYT High Wycombe.

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