On Brain Training from BYT Harrow

Do you find it hard to keep your children entertained during school holidays? Why not try some brain training activities to keep them busy this week?

Brain training activities are a fun and creative way to keep the mind stimulated.

As we all know, the brain is like a muscle that we should exercise regularly. It is readily challenged to compute the various and novel stimuli that it captures on a daily basis. By strengthening the connections between different parts of the brain we can improve the effectiveness of learning and the way we process the outside world. Brain training allows us to strengthen basic cognitive functions such as attention, memory, auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning, as well as processing speed.

In order to effectively train your brain, it is important to include various types of tasks with increasing levels of difficulty and to train regularly. For example, going to the gym only once a month won’t give the results you desire, compared to exercising regularly and often. In the same way, the brain also requires training frequently in order to achieve results.

The benefits of brain training for youngsters are ample. You are opening their minds to thinking in alternative ways, using different cognitive faculties and strengthening the connections between them, which in turn leads to a sharper more effective and efficient thinking process.

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by Pooja Patel

Assistant Centre Director

BYT Harrow Tuition Centre