Our Five Top Tips for Keeping Learning Going through the Summer Holidays

Our Five Top Tips for Keeping Learning Going through the Summer Holidays

As school work begins to wind down and the days lengthen, at BYT we can’t help but notice that tangible excitement among students of all ages for the long awaited summer holidays. Energetic conversations are peppered with eager mentions of games, beaches and classroom escape.

We think it is a feeling to be fostered and yet we know all too well how in some cases the September term can come as a bit of a shock to the system if all thought of learning is entirely left by the wayside. So here are our five top tips for helping your child keeping their studies going through the coming summer months.

  1. Explore a bookshop! Daunt Books, Marylebone in all of it’s Edwardian elegance is a wonderful place to while away an afternoon, get inspired and kindle an excitement around books and reading for pleasure. It’s impossible to leave without a couple of titles tucked firmly under your arm. The brand new Foyles, Charing Cross Road is another highlight with rows upon rows of books, beautifully curated displays for readers of all ages, and a superb cafe on the top floor with a fine view of London.

  2. Encourage reading for pleasure!We really believe that encouraging children to read for pleasure has manifold untold benefits: from simply developing a broader, colourful vocabulary, to nourishing an emotional independence. There’s a great list of titles here from TES and you can find some of our favourites here.

Reading for Pleasure

  1. Take a little-but-often approach!Whether it’s twenty minutes of verbal reasoning after breakfast each morning, ten minutes of mental arithmetic before bed or a comprehension after lunch. A piecemeal approach to study can help just keep a rhythm and a gentle momentum that will prove so vital come the beginning of a new term. We’ve our own series of 11+ practice papers here and are always happy to recommend text books and learning materials. Weekly sessions with one of our excellent tutors can be a key way to embed academic progress or drop in at one of our centres.

  2. Exercise!The comparative benefits of a twenty minute walk to the equivalent time spent lounging on a sofa in terms of neural activity is unprecedented. Whether it’s Saturday football, a tennis club, lacrosse, cricket, squash or something further afield like hill walking or a long exploratory bike ride — an interesting and varied regular programe of physical activity will help develop and nourish an on-going focus and mental alertness and agility.

Team sports have many benefits in education

  1. Social Interaction!At BYT we’re advocates of the real value of peer to peer interaction in education. Small group tuition in our centres places a focus on students interacting with each other as well as their teacher to complete a task. Encourage your child to join a club — perhaps something related to an activity that they wouldn’t usually do so peer interaction is built around engaging with something new and interesting — cooking and baking for example! The Great British Bake Off has well and truly updated home economics.

As always we’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch!