Our Guide to the 11+ 2022 Transfer

11+ guide

Our Guide to the 11+ 2022 transfer test;

  • Registration for the 11+ exam has been open since the 4th of May, and will close on the 24th of June at 3pm. 
  • Open events for schools run from May to October, and can be found on the schools directory when they are available.
  • Tuesday the 7th of September: students take the Practice Test.
  • Thursday the 9th of September: students take the Secondary Transfer Test (11+).
  • Sunday the 31st of October: all applications to secondary school must be in by midnight.
  • Tuesday 30th of November: An email will be sent after 5pm with the test result.
  • January and February 2021: Selection reviews take place (for those who do not qualify)
  • Tuesday the 1st March 2022: National Offer Day, all school offers will be out, and can be viewed online.

In Buckinghamshire, GL Assessment will provide the Secondary Transfer Test (11+) for September 2022 entry. This is taken by your child near the beginning of the autumn term of Year 6. The test is designed to assess your child’s suitability for attending a grammar school, to ensure their educational needs can be met, and that they will thrive in the environment.

Students are tested on four key areas, which are paired into two papers: English and Verbal reasoning, and then Maths and Non-Verbal reasoning. 

Each child will work through a Familiarisation booklet at home. This makes sure your child has the chance to see the style of the tests and to try out some of the question types. Your child will also take a Practice Test before taking the Secondary Transfer Test.


The tests are first marked for a ‘raw’ score, and then they are standardised. This means that they are balancing the overall performance of children from one year to the next, and makes sure that all students are placed on an equal footing and no one is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged because of their age. The standardised score will be between 0 and 180+. The Secondary Transfer Test Score will be the sum of:

  • 50% of the standardised score for verbal skills
  • 25% of the standardised score for mathematical skills
  • 25% of the standardised score for non-verbal skills.

Students who score 121 or above qualify for grammar school, and around one third of students are expected to achieve this score or higher. However, scoring the qualifying 121 does not guarantee a grammar school place, and further admission rules still apply (specific to individual schools).

Re-marks can be requested, and you will need to discuss this with your child’s head teacher.