PPE Oxford Interview Questions

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A BYT tutor’s experience applying for PPE at Oxford .

Oxford PPE, Christ Church and Somerville, interviewed by Hugh Rice,

At Christ Church College, Oxford I was given a question on Sikhs being required by law to wear motorcycle helmets (individual liberty vs. societal welfare).

I discussed factors which could affect prices in a market and for economics, and asked to discuss a topic of my choice for Philosophy (I discussed Descartes and A priori arguments for existence).

At Somerville, I discussed globalisation and the nation state for politics, game theory for economics and again, a topic of my choice for Philosophy (I discussed Human Scepticism).

Advice for future candidates:

The best advice is to have a topic in mind for each subject in case you are allowed to choose – I didn’t and ended up discussing topics that were not my strongest because they were the first that came to mind.