SAT exams in Maidenhead

With entry to top schools getting more competitive, and with schools becoming more selective of the students they enrol, gaining a place at a top performing secondary school can be a stressful moment, for both parents and students alike.

For the parents who are not familiar with the school system in the UK, the Year 6 exam system can seem a little complicated. In May of Year 6, students take SAT exams; these are compulsory national curriculum assessments that allow the schools to track their students’ progress.

At this level, the students usually sit various papers that assess four main areas; English grammar, punctuation and spelling, English reading, Maths arithmetic and Mathematical reasoning.

Unlike the SAT Key Stage 1 exams, the Key Stage 2 are more official, and are sent to external examiners to be marked.

It is very important to have a strong Primary School foundation, as this allows students to perform even better at Secondary school.

Which are the top three performing primary schools in 2017 in the Maidenhead/ Windsor area?

⭐ Lowbrook Academy

This is the top performing Primary school in Windsor and Maidenhead. In 2017, 96% of students achieving a scaled score of 100 or more in their reading and maths tests, with 46% obtaining a scaled score of over 110! On average, students scored 115 in their maths and 112 in the Reading papers. 

⭐ South Ascot Village Primary School

2017 saw 63% of students scoring above 100 in their SATs, with students performing particularly well in their Reading papers. On average, the students scored 105 in the Reading and 104 in their Maths exams.

⭐ St Mary’s Catholic Primary School (Academy in Maidenhead)

With 79% of students achieving a score of over 100, the school averaged 109 in Reading and 110 in maths. Unlike the previous school, this school’s forte lies in maths, whereby the average scores were classified as well above average.

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