Stressed about SATs?

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SATs can be very stressful, both for parents and children. Not without reason: they are a crucial indication of your child’s academic performance. At Bright Young Things, we understand the importance of preparing for these exams well ahead of time.

The timings can be one of the trickiest elements of the SAT exams. Students not only need to complete the tests in the required time, but they also need to stay concentrated throughout the whole exam.

While this may seem like a simple task, children need to gradually build up their concentration stamina in order to stay focused for a prolonged period of time. Much like any discipline, be it sport, music or academia, this is a slow process that requires practice.

Recent studies conducted by Dr Jacquelynne Eccles at the University of Michigan have shown that ages 6 – 14 are the most ‘important years for developmental advances’. Past scientific research indicates that children start to ‘reason’ at around the age of six. It is at this point that they begin to understand concepts and as argued by world-renowned Developmental Psychologist Erik Erikson, this can go one of two ways: they either start to feel competent and productive, or they feel inferior and unable to do anything well. It is therefore important that all students feel confident when tackling schoolwork – something we at Bright Young Things understand. 

Failing to work with children on their confidence can threaten their belief in their own academic abilities. This lack of confidence has a long-lasting effect on their academic performance and emotional well-being, but particularly so with younger children.

Strong academic foundations will positively influence your child’s academic performance both in the near future and for years to come.

This is why at Bright Young Things we offer SAT courses to students as young as Year 2. Whilst working on maths and English, our SAT courses also address the exam technique, the students’ self-esteem, and gradually build up concentration stamina.

Our specialised tutors create a social and comfortable setting, to also allow students to develop their social skills, while also addressing any academic weaknesses.

By the time our students sit their SAT exams, we promise to have them feeling prepared and confident.

For more information on our SAT courses, please email or pop by one of our centres to speak directly with our Centre Directors.