Summer at BYT Harrow — A Tutor’s Perspective

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11 Plus tutor Akeel Hansraj reveals a typical day at BYT Harrow

Working hard at BYT Tuition Centres!

My time at Bright Young Things Harrow so far has been captivating and completely motivating.

From the second I walk through the doors I am greeted with gleaming faces and ‘HIIIIIII AKEEEEEEEEEEEEEL’.

Gestures as simple as this are a constant reminder of how being a tutor at BYT does not only involve educating young minds but also entails being a role model; and how much we are valued by the children. The drive and determination of the student; when paired with the experience and knowledge of the tutor provides an unparalleled and seamless experience for both parties.

Monthly meetings with parents are essential and give an insight into the progression of every child. It is inspiring having parents say, ‘It really is apparent how much they have excelled; not only from their classwork, but also at home.’This continual liaising maintains rapport and provides a foundation for the child’s learning.

In recent weeks, I was able to catch up with a student whom I taught last year. Now in year 6, I was keen to find out whether he had managed to get admission into the top schools.

Having a nostalgic conversation about his time in year 5 with us, he conjured up a few words;

‘BYT has helped my commitment, essay writing, numerical and critical thinking skills. I couldn’t have done it without you sir’.

Having offers from Mill Hill County (95%)Bushey Mead (90%)Queensand Watford Grammar, and only narrowly missing out on Haberdashers and Merchant Taylor’s; he described his Year 5 journey a ‘complete success’.

Akeel Hansraj is an 11 plus tutor at BYT Harrow. Bright Young Young Things Harrow Tuition Centre provides outstanding and affordable Maths and English Tuition to students aged 5 -16 as well as 11 plus courses, success in secondary school and school holiday revision and reading clubs.

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